BREAKING: Ali Alexander says the Biden campaign just signaled outside groups which states to target with negative ads
October 17, 2020

Joe Biden's campaign staff just sent out this tweet from his account.

I believe this was a soft and legal signal to Democrat-aligned Super PAC and dark money groups. It's a signal that their polling shows they need to raise Trump's negatives in the following states.
  1. Iowa
  2. Minnesota 
  3. Ohio
  4. Florida
  5. North Carolina 

These states share nothing in common.

So, they must share similar polling numbers.

Interesting enough, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are all missing from this list.

Observation: Wisconsin is 25% Catholic, Pennsylvania is 24%, Michigan is 18%. May mean nothing. Ohio and Iowa have 18% Catholic populations too. Still, Trump is running up there.

UPDATE minutes after publishing: In all of the states that Biden's campaign highlights, except North Carolina, Catholics are the largest denomination.

This raises my confidence in my call on Minnesota (Trump is winning it).

That Trump recently campaigned in Iowa, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina may also mean that Trump is trying to firm up his base there. He may be worried. Both campaigns are signaling the same targets. Folks, we have a fight. 

It's interesting that the ad ends with "[w]hat he said." Signal for negative ads? Not positive Biden-Harris ads?

Looks like the Biden campaign wants to pierce Trump red states.

I've worked for a number of Super PACs and know the legal lines. I've gone to the Supreme Court (and we won!) with a client on these speech limits. This looks like a signal, in my expert opinion.

Tweet this report to every Trump staffer so they know what's going on. And every pro-Trump or pro-Kanye group/account.


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