Trump beats Biden is overall ratings in head-to-head counter-programmed broadcast television townhalls; TRUMP 19M, Biden 15.9M
October 16, 2020
First, I don't believe these Nielsen ratings. Trump in at 13M with Biden at 13.9M. But, let's take them at their word because Media institutions never lie. Winky face.

President Donald Trump had about 6M online, as of this morning, and Former Vice President Joe Biden was at 2M. Go ahead and count the views yourself from NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, and even the clips if you want. Biden only had ABC and some clips.

Those numbers totaled: 19M for Trump and 15.9M for Biden, thus far.

Trump won the head-to-head ratings race if numbers are objective and we know they're not to you at CNN, Brian Stelter.

Additionally, the Biden ABC townhall went for 1 hour and 20 minutes. Viewers from Trump's townhall popped over to Biden's, giving ABC a bump. ABC gave Biden 33% more time than NBC provided Trump. Trump was on NBC and its networks for a quick 1 hour.

Mind you, Tucker Carlson was live and exposing Hunter Biden in a big exposé too.

Trump clearly won the ratings race, the intelligent counter-programming tactic, and survived hostile challenge. He also demonstrated strength and empathy whilst displaying his healthy condition. No one is going to be talking about coronavirus unless it's his miracle! I saw a lot of female and hispanic support last night.

I'm also hearing that Savannah Guthrie asked 43 questions of Trump and gave voters just 10 questions. Over at ABC, former Clinton White House staffer, George Stephanopoulos didn't bother challenging Biden. 

People aren't so stupid as they are missing these things anymore.

Really interesting thread on the individual media markets that were watching Biden or Trump more.


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