Travis Pangburn says he will sue Ali Alexander over Netflix 'Cuties' criticism — makes the biggest mistake EVER
September 15, 2020
Ali Alexander Exposes #CUTIES Pedophile by Heather Harlow

Ali Alexander is fighting mega corporation Netflix and the movie industry's advancement of pedophilia, as seen by Netflix’s purchase and release of “Cuties.” It is a French independent film that won awards at Sundance Film Festival.

Ali made a compelling case that it is part of a large scheme to pushing new buying habits amongst consumers and for corporations to attain cultural, social, and political power, in a livestream now seen by 13,000 viewers. 

In Ali’s battles, yesterday Travis Pangburn (@ThePangburn on Twitter) posted the worst scene from the movie, “Cuties”, that involves the nudity of an 11-year-old girl. It is clear this film is not your basic cheerleading dance competition or gymnastics routine in tight fitting leotards. The film goes far beyond the boundaries and clearly ventures into pedophilia. 

Travis Pangburn tweets the actual disturbing scene from Netflix via YouTube upload, stating, “This is scene is beautifully written and executed piece of art.” This man actually thinks this scene is a piece of art. That is the opinion of a “pedophile by definition. A pedophile is someone who is sexually interested, predominantly in sexual prepubescent children”, says Ali Alexander. Ali goes on to state, “this is a thought, an attraction, so it’s not a crime.” 
Pangburn now wants to sue Ali Alexander for defamation for calling him a pedophile. Travis tried to scare Ali by tweeting: "My legal team is already on it." But we have Ali's back!
Travis Pangburn will need to have some good luck with that case, since being a pedophile isn’t actually a crime, thus there can be no defamation. Ali has been sued five times for defamation and has won every single time, once even representing himself.

Ali Alexander beat convicted domestic bomber Brett Kimberlin in court over this very same issue. Ali joined Kimberlin's own wife in calling the criminal turned left-wing political henchman a "pedophile." You can read The Daily Beast write up from 2014 here

The plaintiff has to prove falsity, which is impossible when being called a pedophile. Plus, he has to prove damages, which doesn’t exist since he is obviously a “militant atheist,” claimed Ali Alexander in his flash Periscope around 3 o’clock EST. There’s no way he’ll be able to play the “Cuties” movie in a court room and say, “he can’t call me a pedophile.” 

Periscope Link: 
Travis Pangburn also attacked Tulsi Gabbard: 
This prompted a comment from Ali Alexander to continue to spread and point out this man’s delusional and misguided opinions. 
Ali then went on the hunt for more incriminating evidence, even going so far as to demand Travis be an open book and show everyone his hard drives. 
Just on September 1, 2020, Travis tweeted a defense of pedophiles, saying “STOP BULLYING ALL PEDOPHILES”. Other evidence points to some creepy YouTube videos, where they want to debate the age of consent, which is just a coverup of how nasty they actually are. There’s other evidence on the internet about an incident in Florida. 
Ali found further nefarious evidence of Travis Pangburn’s state of mind and tweeted it in a reply to his earlier tweet encouraging Pangburn to send his legal team. 
Further questions arose concerning Pangburn’s sick tendencies with a recurring pedophile theme and possible theft. 
A major Kanye West 2020 fan account got in on the action with support for Ali Alexander. 
While evidence of Travis’s transgressions continued to mount..... 

It certainly appears that Ali Alexander can chalk up another win for goodness, light, life, and God with his exposure of this troubled human. You can gift Ali Alexander a gift using his Amazon wishlist or just a nice retweet. Everyone, get in the fight! 

This website,, is publishing this piece by an outside author. We have a license to publish this piece from the author. We've made an attempt to make sure it's accurate however all opinions are that of the author and not necessarily this website. We thank the author, Heather Harlow, for her contribution.
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