Ali Alexander NAILS strangely specific forecasts with Arizona, Florida, and Latinos ahead of news media and both campaigns
September 15, 2020
Members had a chance to catch Ali Alexander (@Ali) in his element the Sunday before last, September 6, 2020.

We knew Ali was confident of his forecasts and ahead but the entire last week seemed to have focused around these themes. No other two states were more talked about than Arizona and Florida. The Biden campaign (and allies) is now making an aggressive play for both.

Biden and media are in complete panic over his numbers with hispanics. 

Some of the headlines that followed Ali's call:

Also, recall that Facebook has issued a new policy that they'll block President Trump from making a victory declaration Election Night unless Joe Biden concedes and media agree on September 7. Twitter and Google followed on September 10.

Ali argues these panic signs are signs that "Biden is behind."

Here's a video wrap-up. Retweet the social proof tweet here. This is why you need to join the Founders program and be on our monthly conference calls! You get the news before the news is made!

Ali Alexander has been the best and most accurate political forecaster of the 2020 presidential cycle. Just like the 2018 midterm elections.

— Tiger and Paul and Nick 

P.S. MEMBERS: Ali will be hosting a conference call with the top two plans soon to pull the curtain back behind some of his prediction making and also has some intel coming out of Arizona that he may be sharing soon. Make sure you're in the plan that fits you, your budget, and your information needs best! Many are upgrading during this election.
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The ancient Irish believed the poet was "above" the priest as he got inspiration and wisdom directly from God.
Therefore, to the frustration of the Catholic Church hierarchy, especially the monsignors, bishops, archbishops, and cardinals, the people listened to the poet rather than the priest.
The priest, in contrast, got his knowledge (but rarely inspiration and wisdom) from years of long study, if ever.
I am naming you an honorary Irish poet.

Derek Minnema

I just texted my cousin in Arizona and encouraged her to register to vote and for Trump!

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