Track the GOP's adoption of Ali Alexander's June 2020 "Plan for Trump"
September 07, 2020
Report by Nick, the intern

Back in June, when Trump was way down and the campaign in tatters, Ali Alexander created an 18-point plan to turn around the campaign and potentially make the House majority competitive. It went viral in GOP circles and elsewhere. Fast forward to September and we can now break down some of Ali’s biggest wins as well as where the GOP has erred. This post features Ali’s original points paired with the current status of the points. Get Ali a birthday gift here.

1.     Field Staffers in Pennsylvania

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: We would have 500 field staffers in Pennsylvania, minimum. They would be working during the pandemic; hello, people are home! This is the single most important state. 
  • NOW: There are not 500, but the GOP has reportedly more than doubled their staff there. Scott Presler is there. Our coalition raised the flag on Pennsylvania.

2.     Pandemic Closure Lawsuits

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: We would be funding pandemic closure lawsuits by small business owners in the following states: MI, WI, MN, PA, NC and NJ.
  • NOW: Haven’t done this but GOP has gotten more behind the hair salon lady in San Francisco. The GOP has gotten better and more states and governors being sued right now than in June.

3.     Suing of North Carolina’s Governor

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: We would be suing North Carolina's governor for blocking the GOP Convention, one of the most brazen attempts at violating the civil rights of Americans participating in the electoral system. RNC totally silent now.
  • NOW: We did not do this. Wish we would have. We have to stand ready for Election eve games that will be played.

4.     Laura Loomer Endorsement

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would direct the NRCC (888-606-1023) to endorse Laura Loomer in the FL-21 race. This is a Democrat district according to the Cook PVI. There's no harm. She's raising a ton of cash and actually out-raising the incumbent. One scandal and the incumbent is gone. The NRCC has a "Young Guns" program that is supposed to be merited oriented. Loomer meets all the requirements (this program has consultant and polling requirements too that could be missing—I have no unique knowledge—but regardless, Loomer is a no harm add to this program). Unless her general consultant hasn't filled out the paperwork, the NRCC is blocking her. 
  • NOW: Laura Loomer has been recognized and endorsed by POTUS (more attention than any other candidate that night). Ali demanded President Trump to tweet about Laura and an hour later the President congratulated Laura and sent out 5 tweets about her. Lara Trump appeared with Laura and triggered the press.

5.     Targeted Ads for NY, NJ, and FL Jewish Neighborhoods

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would have ads up in NY, NJ, and FL Jewish neighborhoods advertising the fact the New York is treating that community with such disrespect. We could freeze some of the funding propping up the Democrat Party. 
  • NOW: Laura Loomer has an advertisement out about Lois Frankel. This is going great. Largest migration of Jewish Democrats to Republican party since 9/11. Might be internal efforts but not sure.

6.     Funding of Ballot Harvesting Program in Orange County

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would fund the ballot harvesting program in Orange County and work closely with the CAGOP to regain those seats back. We lost all of them. They were all Republican. Now, they're all Democrat. Republicans outnumber the Democrats. This was a ballot harvesting problem and suburban female problem. We would geo-fence this area and make sure they get no hard-hitting ads. I would use soft ads on TV and digital unless it is an identified Republican male voter.
  • NOW: Not hearing anything about this. RNC woman in California great for the movement but nothing being done about this.


7.     Antifa Violence/Steve Scalise/Riot Ads

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would put Antifa violence and Steve Scalise and riot ads all over the air. Everywhere. I would treat it like a 9/11 event. Candidates would adopt this theme too. It would move voters over to the Republican Party who value safety and security. The public believes the white supremacy meme by the Left and Media. Combat it! It's a lie!
  • NOW: There were no riot ads 3 weeks into the riots. We altered this. Huge win for Ali. Ali wanted a TV ad and we got it done. Tucker Carlson, Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Scott Adams have been a huge help. Ali, on our members call said that this is one of the greatest accomplishments in his career.

8.     Anti-Voter Fraud Ads

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would run anti-voter fraud billboard ads in all poor neighborhoods in targeted states. Advertise the consequences for voter fraud, even with mugshots or a reward tip line. Reduce the opportunity.
  • NOW: Trump got the entire press to say only vote once. We don’t have billboard ads but we have Twitter Trending topics. Good trade-off. 

9.     Targeted Ad and Voter Contact Campaign in Minnesota’s Suburbs

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would run a targeted ad and voter contact campaign in Minnesota's suburbs. "Don't leave yet. We need you to save your state. Riots blah blah blah." Target soft Democrats and suburban Republican women which might be weak for Trump. Going hard after Minnesota gets us a win or spends Democrat money.
  • NOW: Total win. RNC and Trump doing it. Boom.

10.  Hiring of Scott Presler

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would hire Scott Presler for volunteer training and voter registration. 
  • NOW: Didn’t hire him but he got more funding and a letter from the president.

11.  Outsourcing of Memes

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would outsource some meme making to some outside firm. Instruct them to hire meme lords that focus on biweekly themes that complemented what the GOP messaging was.
  • NOW: Past 3 weeks there has been a retooling of memes. Carpe Donktum, Damon Imani, and SomethingWicked have played a major role in this retooling. Their memes have become official ads. On our members call Ali described this as an oddly specific win that he cannot believe.

12.  Black Voter Outreach

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would aggressive advertise and find Black millennial men, Black churchgoers, Black rural families, and Black small business owners outside of the top 10 major cities. Get 12% of the Black vote and it's a landslide election. This is worth $25 to 50M. We're probably spending $2M. Maybe. And mostly on Black MAGA stunts and media. We need real Black outreach. Like advertising dollars and everything. Not weird personalities on Twitter and YouTube.
  • NOW: Mt. Rushmore speech and RNC convention. They are going for it. Not as much as Ali wants but a pretty good job.

13.  Barring of Surrogates on Liberal Media Networks

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would bar surrogates from going on certain MSNBC and CNN shows. We're treated fairly or we're not showing up. Do not legitimize or platform shows that are working with the DNC.
  • NOW: Not the case but less surrogates appearing on these shows.

14.  Re-Examination of the reform of SALT deductions 

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: In the middle of October, the GOP House Leader should make an announcement that if the GOP takes the majority, it'll re-examine the Tax Cut (the reason we lost so many GOP seats in NY, NJ, and PA). That would be a direct mail piece and phone call to all Republicans in those districts we lost.
  • NOW: Don’t need to do this anymore because of riots but couldn’t hurt. To be determined.

15.  Catholics for Trump

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: I would find high-profile laymen and priests within the Catholic Church to get them to vote GOP. Too many Bishops and Cardinals are opposed to Trump. Increase voter turnout there. Advertise the stupid DACA deals that Trump has considered at Jared Kushner's behest, reportedly. Some of them will like that. Religious liberty, etc.
  • NOW: How can you miss this? Huge role played by Ali in this. Catholics for Trump, the term “desecrated” being used by President Trump, attention brought to the beheaded statues of Mary and Jesus, laymen and priests for Trump. Huge impact by Ali on church he is not a part of. Unbelievable victories.

16.  Backstopping Arizona, Georgia, and Maine’s 2nd

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: Backstop Arizona, Georgia, Maine's 2nd. We cannot risk getting close here. We will lose the Arizona US Senate race though. Don't let her drag down Trump. 
  • NOW: TBD

17.  Support of Susan Collins

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: Trump and Ted Cruz need to do phone calls to the most hardcore conservatives in Maine and make sure Susan Collins has support.
  • NOW: We have done this and the riots really helped

18.  Offering Kanye West an Appointed Position

  • On June 23, Ali wrote: Trump should let it leak that he's considering offering Kanye West an appointed position. He should offer Kanye West a trade for appearing with him twice. Not a campaign rally. Something else. You need Black men not associating with Joe Biden. Black men under 45 years old needs to be our focus.
  • NOW: Better than Ali’s prediction. A couple of weeks after Ali's June 23 post, Kanye announces he is running for President. On August 5, President Trump spoke of Kanye highly at a press conference. And on August 13, it was reported that Kanye met with Jared Kushner for a policy discussion.

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Lynette Miller

I believe Connecticut gave POTUS 44% of the vote in 2016, that was with no campaigning here whatsoever. He did have 2 dinners to raise money. We've have GOP candidates come within a few points but not quite make it. We get zero money returned to CT from RNC. There are Republicans here and conservatives. Why doesn't he make a play for CT?

Itudvlpy Pyrnuldxjk Practical accurate preparedness and survival info. See my article Children and Civil Defense in the Journal of Civil Defense. Latest issue is how your family can deal with riots.

Itudvlpy Pyrnuldxjk

Is it time to refer to K as "the former rapper?"

Impressive. That’s why I joined

Ali Alexander


Pamela Tuttle

Ali~ I’ve been following and watching periscopes for awhile. You suggested I send you my digital art portfolio -I don’t see a email link etc ~ please feel free to reach out to me at my email, my handle is PapaTango~🇺🇸

Itudvlpy Pyrnuldxjk

We lost Sgt Ruth and Commander Vauk 19 years ago. I wrote a poem about it that I read today at the 911 memorial for them. Ran into a 25-year old guy sports guy who works for Kim Klasik. Good guy. I told him about your Periscopes. He said he had the app but did not use it. We agreed to have coffee. I recommended Kim contact you. I know...I have enough work. But she can save tens of thousands of lives in Baltimore. Hope she contacts you.

Ali Alexander

That's a *very* Democrat district...

Michael Osuna

Great job

Ali Alexander

Thank you

Nicolette Akiko

Nice work Nick! Thanks for including the recap prompts on each of the points.

Nicholas Vorobyov

Thank you Nicolette!

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