Donald J. Trump should invite Kanye West to the debates, forcing Joe Biden to debate
August 03, 2020

Over a month ago, I penned words that I had already articulated in my livestreams. Former Vice President Joe Biden does not want to debate President Donald J. Trump. This is part of the agenda to create an environment where Trump cannot be allowed win.

This would be such a departure from norms, it's actually hard to overstate. Figures. The left, the side that promises healthy, academic norms, is the side killing them.

Trump needs to put this point on full display for the public...

Here is the best way to do that:
  • President Trump needs to challenge Joe Biden to 7 debates instead of the normal 3 covered by the the commission on presidential debates. Promise to host them all over the nation.
  • President Trump needs to argue that if Kanye West and/or the Libertarian Party whacko candidate can reach 5% in the polls, they deserve to participate in at least two of those debates. 
  • Lastly, if Joe Biden pulls out of the debate, he should debate Kanye West in at least two debates and buck the commission entirely. If Biden ditches the debate, the Republican Party can never allow the commission to run debates again. Academics don't want this. This pins Biden against his funders and handlers. 

This will bring Joe Biden to the table or let the public see, in a clear way, that he's abandoning our nation. 

This also helps America. We need more debates and less violence, riots, and arsons.

Most of the public doesn't understand that candidates who are polling more than 5 points ahead usually don't debate their opponents. It's the science part of "political science." It's a safe bet too. It works 90%+ of the time. However, this is a really weird year. Biden may be a little ahead but everyone knows why Biden would pull out of the debates... there's no way he'll survive debates and look cognitively competent against Trump. Normally, that would just be partisan base-level talk but for once... it's totally true.

Press will run the Biden line though: Biden calls Trump racist, is polling ahead, pandemic. Blah blah blah. So predictable.

Team Trump and Team West need to be prepared to say these exact words: "Joe Biden is pulling out of the debates." Team Biden will frame it as "Biden is not agreeing to debate an illegitimate president."

A presidential debate with Kanye West, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be the most watched event in American history.
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Usually only the major two parties get to be on the Debate Stage. The Libertarian candidate gets shut out. They will try to shut out Kanye West.

Q: Why must Kanye be on the Debate Stage?
A: Reparations.

Shirley Muhleisen

Wrote to White House contact page this evening-wonderful idea, unique and energizing

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