The Unexplainable GOP of 2020
July 02, 2020
I cannot explain why the GOP is doing the unexplainable; some might go further calling it the indefensible. It's certainly political malpractice at a minimum.

There's no political calculation or an authentic moral calling for any of this. This list is going to piss you off and maybe make you cry.

  1. Mississippi Republicans have decided to turnout the Black vote and maybe create some new blue dog democrats. There's now a referendum on the ballot in November, presenting a lose-lose situation there. Why not take this up in 2021? 
  2. Senate Republicans couldn't get through their police reform bill which was poorly messaged. It pinned the GOP against cops. And Senate Democrats stopped it. Then Nancy Pelosi called then a "murderers." GOP should double down against Democrats on this every day or they should have never brought it up. They're literally doing the worst thing right now. 
  3. GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was totally feckless when Speaker Nancy Pelosi called the elected GOP leaders, "murderers." No one called on her to resign. She then went on to butcher George Floyd's name and the GOP spent less than 24 hours bashing her.
  4. Kevin McCarthy, the White House, FBI, and DOJ all let Jerry Nadler get away with saying Antifa wasn't real. There was one mention from the White House press secretary. Might as well have been a burp
  5. Senate Republicans now want to make Juneteenth a federal holiday. Good. They want to get rid of Columbus Day to do it. Awful. Why not bring this up in 2021? Note: the only secular statue that's getting organized defense is the Columbus statues by random groups of ethnic Italians. 
  6. Prisoners are being let out of jail. Some have literally killed people. Roger Stone is facing a jail. Does Donald Trump want to take care of him after the election? Surely, not. That would be demoralizing and stupid and unethical. 
  7. After Republicans totally fail to regulate and even govern Big Tech Monopolies, they flee to Parler to distract the base. 
  8. Republicans are losing the absentee ballot request race in Florida. 
  9. It was revealed President Obama directed the General Michael Flynn investigation. That note is now 'memory holed.' No one is talking about it. GOP dropped it less than 48 hours later.
  10. Republican governors have joined Democrat governors and Media in talking about covid-19 cases instead of deaths or hospital capacity. States like Texas are rolling back our opens. 
  11. Republicans are allowing insurrection zones to stay standing. These are not protests, not looting, not even riots. Left-wing, Marxist controlled secessionist territories seized during a pandemic lockdown in blue states. "Optics?" What optics are there to be had here?!
  12. There are no Riot ads in Riot Zip Codes playing on TV; people are trapped in their homes. Hello? 

This feels like a conspiracy. This looks like a conspiracy. Surely, it can't be one?

I've never seen anything like this. Not in my 13-year career in politics.

You couldn't sell this script as fiction and have it pass for a controlled opposition story because it would be so cheesy. Why aren't other political consultants and operatives speaking out?

It looks like Republicans are trying to give Democrats a landslide election or something.

The GOP is purposefully trying to excited the Democrat vote and demoralize the Republican vote. They are purposefully stretching out negative new cycles and taking up legislation that will benefit Democrats. The Senate GOP is proving itself ungovernable under Mitch McConnell and the House GOP doesn't believe it has a shot in hell of winning back the chamber — none of them are even talking about the possibility.

Call the Republican National Committee (202-863-8500) and tweet President Donald Trump and his advisors. What the hell is going on? How is it getting worse day by day? I cannot believe the movie we're watching.

What's surreal is how unbelievable it is.

#GOPrevolt #SaveTrump
@GOPChairwoman @GOPleader @realDonaldTrump 


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Todd Alexander

Allowing Garden Nome Nadler to control the narrative is insane

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