Trump GOP releases 3rd Riot ad in response to our calls, Thank You! Keep calling!
June 28, 2020
Well, we started our fight 9 days ago.

The Trump campaign released a crappy ad. Then the RNC released a better ad (but it's too convoluted). This afternoon, Trump tweeted out an ad from his campaign and it's good.

But will they put it on TV?

That's what we need to make sure of.

Victory lap livestream!

On Monday, here are your assignments (share this)

  1. White House Comment Line to pardon Roger Stone; thank Trump for Saturday Riot and Antifa tweets 
  2. RNC telling them to put ads on TV if they want us to donate again

In fact, call all week. And do not resume donations to the party yet.

Keep calling. Every day.

If you want to reward me, here's my Amazon wishlist — HA! 
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