Ali Alexander's appearance on KABC discussing where the GOP is failing
June 28, 2020
Here's that 15 minute segment. Enjoy! 

If someone wants to make notes and send them to me, I'll copy and paste it here. 

Because of an aggressive producer, I broke my moratorium on making appearances on political media. 

I was asked what the GOP is doing wrong and how they (we) could turn it around. 

I held few things back...

Here's that video on YouTube too.
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Host says, "Joe Biden looks like he is losing it, but everyone has a relative. People don't want them picked on."
Me: Only criticize what Biden has done in the past. There are 40 years of disasters.
Me: Agree and Amplify. Congratulations to Biden for the greatest honour Dems can bestow. The Dems picked you because you are the best they got. Make them own Biden. Joe, you are all the Dems want.

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