State of the Republican Party at the end of June is very, very bad
June 26, 2020
Still very disappointed, however your calls to the RNC have produced two (crappy) Riot ads. Keep calling. We need real ads up on the air. We need to compete for the suburban woman (where Trump is weak).

Let's observe what's going on right now.

  1. Not one Republican elected official has called on Speaker Pelosi to resign for called Black Republican Senator Tim Scott and others "murderers" 
  2. The Republican National Committee has not called on Pelosi to resign
  3. Jerry Nadler accuses President Trump of making up Antifa and the White House and Department of Justice is silent 
  4. Tulsa was a mess 
  5. Roger Stone still needs a pardon or his sentence commuted 
  6. Carpe Donktum is being sued for helping Trump with memes; where is the GOP? 
  7. Activists are retreating to Parler 
  8. Team Trump lost two races to more conservative alternatives 
  9. Why isn't the GOP talking about the Peter Strzok note anymore? It's only been 48 hours.

There is something brewing and it won't be good for any existing Republicans. We'll want you all gone if you keep failing us. All of you.

For those keeping score: Elected Republicans are being called "murderers," the President is being called a "rapist," and you and I (mostly you) are being called a racist.

All without a real response from the Republican Party. This is 2020.

Make your calls. Every day.

P.S. we're having a call for subscribers tomorrow afternoon. Q&A on all of this. Talk to you then, patriot. 
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