Pandora's Box: GOP must cooperate with base or we must let it die
June 18, 2020
Let me just say what we're all thinking, we're on the verge of losing the country.


We all feel it. They feel it. And somehow it caught us a bit by surprise. After all, we're in power. Who is even 'we' these days anyways?

You are right to be nervous. Your instincts are not betraying you. Heck, they're not even exaggerating that pit that's formed in your stomach.

We're on the verge of something big. Really big. Disastrously big.

I've raised some concerns about the dynamics of power going on right now. Chiefly, one side isn't fighting. In fact, they're not even in the war of words. The so-called "Overton window" is being pulled, radically, in one fringe direction. We're accelerating and it's actually costing lives.

Some will scoff and talking about electoral benefits or some delusional "plan" is going to be mass revealed that will lead to a higher consciousness from the same muted and apathetic populace too dumb or too lazy to do anything in the absence of our government.

Yesterday was that press conference; Last night was Atlanta's blue flu; Today, the Supreme Court.

This isn't slowing down and it's certainly not going to stop until we make it stop.

We need us. We need a few thousand good people. We need each other.

We need to resolve ourselves to save the nation by any moral means necessary. We cannot become them but we sure as hell better get dirty and stop them.

The law is becoming a joke and our institutions are illegitimate (video). We knew all this and still we were hanging on because we hoped for reform. Err, something?

Let's start somewhere. Let's start with our Republican Party. 

They're not backing up the President (even though he covers for their disasters) and they're sure as hell not representing us.


  1. Call the Republican National Committee (202-863-8500) and tell them you're done donating until "Riot Zip Code ads" (or riot ads) are up on the air. Target House swing districts and states where there are riots and suburban women or soft Democrats that saw a decrease in turnout in 2016. Let's really put Minnesota in play. Do not donate to them until I give the all clear. Got it? If this doesn't work, I'm going to stop donating to the Trump campaign too.
  2. Call Senator Ted Cruz (202-224-5922). Tell him to stop tweet bitching about censorship. If he's not publicly pressuring Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to schedule floor votes on Big Tech censorship and for Senator Lindsey Graham to hold hearings using the Judiciary Committee—subpoena the CEOs! Both of these dudes are up for re-election. There is no moment like now. Call your friends in Kentucky and South Carolina. Threaten to withhold their votes in the election. We're already playing with fire and the life and death of the effectual ability to speak freely. There's zero risk in verbalizing what we all know — what the enemy is already acting on! Call Josh Hawley (202-224-6154) and tell him the same thing you tell Cruz's office. Then call your own Republican Senators (if you have 'em).
  3. Call your Republican governor. Tell them no new covid-19 rules or regulations without convening the state legislative body. Period.
  4. Tweet and text around this link. If we keep doubling the number of people participating, I'll keep pointing and telling y'all where to fire. Now is a time to stand up and be counted.
  5. I'm working on producing an ad. I will need your help on that later. Until then, go retweet this tweet.
  6. Only read this point if you're President Donald J. Trump. Here's how you package the John Bolton issue which is so minor and you're poorly packaging. You're welcome.

I've decided to open pandora's box. I'm going to start telling the people where to concentrate their fire to get our side moving. Our side will move or they'll do without our dollars. If they continue to be immobile, we should be willing to withhold down-ballot votes. Yes, let the worst happen. Better we not be in power when the crash happens anyway. And lastly, if our supposed side still won't fight—we start targeting party officials, Senators, Chief of Staffs, whomever for public humiliation. Affairs, pay-offs, recordings, you name it. We're going to be listened to or Rome burns with us adding to the fuel.

I'll publish more action items when I see results from these. I want results. You demand results. We're gonna get them or become patriotic problems. In the next issue, we'll deal with policing, these riots, and all that stuff.

I suggest you keep a journal. I'll help you save the republic if you'll help me bring others to this escalating cause against an escalating crisis.

I'm done fucking around. Escalation only.
Stop the anarchy. Stop the losing.

Consider supporting my work, today. I will continue to keep preparing you for what comes next.

We do have a call at 6pm central, tonight. I'll send out credentials an hour before the call.

Crowns up,
— Ali
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Karen Thurman

Ali, has anyone thought of Cynthia McKinney for VP ?
I saw 2 was suggesting several ideas for Trump to take control...
The other was a wonderful interview of Cynthia, she’s very bright, and is wise enough to inner workings in DC, and would make an excellent asset to President Trump. here’s her interview..
I’m only suggesting these videos, for your consideration. I hope I’m not being too forward ... but I’m determined to assist you as best that I can.
Trump/McKinney both want to end DS...Cynthia spent her entire education prior to college, in Catholic she is a woman of faith, & service...Please watch her video, she explains a lot. The video wasn’t done with a VP position in mind. I think she could pull in independant voters as well...
You are far more up on campaigns... I’m just listening to a gut feeling

Maricella Alfaro

I stand with you

John Williams

I’m not an organizer but I feel so strongly that we need to unite and have a huge Patriot March with flags flying. I am so tired of the narratives and the lefts optics. I feel there are more of us than the opposition. I just don’t know how. Does anyone feel like me?

Was able to reach a live person for Josh Hawley. Ted only voicemail.

Called RNC several times only could only leave a general message. Called back and left a specific message for Chairwoman .

Good job Ali.

Arpvjkyu Mdescxuirh

I just subscribed because of Pandora's Box Post. I have been meaning to but today I couldn't fight the nudge I was feeling. So, thank you Ali for all you are doing to save our nation.

Thanks for the pitch fork to the ass, though more importantly, your direction! ✅ ✅ ✅ & ✅ !

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