Make Face Masks, Get Paid
April 06, 2020
A friend, Daniel Mariotti, has been paying a seamstress to sow some masks. He is donating them to elderly and immune compromised people in his local community. 

He's generous offered to sponsor just a few folks to do the same. Look, this isn't much but it's something for idle hands and cash strapped people who want dignity and some work. We'll pay $2/mask and cap it at $50 for several people. 

More will apply than we're able to green-light. Maybe the idea will catch on and I'll find some more money for this project. For now, every mask and every dollar matters.

  • Tweet a reply to this tweet and I will reach out to those we can green-light
  • You need to get your own supplies, we cannot front them. So let me know that you can purchase or have existing supplies
  • Please, be clean
  • Post a video of you making them, then a picture of the completed masks laid out
  • Please confirm with us that you've given them out to the elderly or people who are required to work

You can download pattern files here (A4 size) (Letter size)

I also want to encourage people to check out this site and consider making their own mask for personal use as well. Lots of good resources on that website.

If you are reading this post and you want to commit funds to paying others to make masks for the high risk or vulnerable, please reach out. I also have CashApp $theali or
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